How can I see my Bundles and how much Gigabytes remained?

When you use Internet, you are consuming from the Bundle. When the Bundle is finished, you can buy a new Bundle with the Dinars of your Main Balance.

How can I check my account information?

You can check your account information by using the Fastlink application. You can download and install the application from: www.my-fastlink.net .

How many Bundles can I buy?

You can buy a maximum of 3 (three) Bundles every calendar month

Does the Bundle expire?

After recharging your account the validity will be for one month only

What is a Bundle?

- A Bundle is the number of Gigabytes you purchase that enables you to use Internet. Bundles come with different volumes of Gigabytes, and cost accordingly

How can I use Internet with Fastlink?

You can use Internet once you download Fastlink application, purchase a scratch card from a local shop, refill the balance, and purchase a bundle using Fastlink application

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