Chairman Message

Kawa Junaid

We at Fastlink are proud and excited to be able to express the deployment of 4G LTE technology in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq since 2013.
Fastlink has strategically strategized to ensure that the people in our Region have access to the most powerful tool today, Internet. The UN has published an article explaining that the Internet is a human right and we want our citizens to have access to the superhighway of information that only the most developed countries have been able to provide thus far.
We believe that by leveraging the best technology available in the market right now, will dramatically contribute to the economic growth. The Kurdistan Region is developing at a rapid rate, and by offering the 4G LTE service, it will only make things that much easier and that much greater.
After watching the positive affects experienced when Fastlink was able to successfully interconnect Iraq to the rest of the world, one can only imagine what this will do for our country and most importantly for our citizens.
On behalf of everyone at Fastlink, from the technical team, to the commercial team, and everyone in between, we sincerely thank all of our subscribers and those who stand by us in believing in the power of providing the most advanced technology available today, Fastlink’s 4G LTE Internet.

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