Where to buy?

1370869931iReach” is the exclusive distributor of Fastlink in Kurdistan..

For our products and services, visit any of “iReach” shops listed below



“iReach Showroom” Zanko Erbil – 100m St. – Near Of Akar Gas Station.
Kotry Salam Sirwan Bazar opposite to Kotry Salam Statue
Mega Mall 60 Str. Shorsh Street, opposite to Shorsh fastfood, Megamall, Second floor
Family Mall-Carrefour 100 Str. Family Mall Building, Second floor, Carrefour.
“iReach Booth” Majidi Mall Erbil – Kasnazan Road 1st Floor.
“iReach Booth” Tablo Mall Erbil – Kirkuk Road 3rd Floor.
“iReach Booth” Royal Mall Erbil – 60m St.- Front Of Jalil Khayat Mosque 3rd Floor
“Airport Booth” Erbil Airport.
“iReach Showroom” Ainkawa Erbil –  Ainkawa Shlama St.
“iReach Showroom” Rizgari Erbil – 40m Front Of Rizgari Hospital.


“iReach Showroom” Duhok Duhok – Gali St. – Near Of Zheyan Hotel.


“iReach Showroom” Zakho Zakho – Shabanek St. – Near Of Administrative District.


Suly “Showroom” Suly –  Salim St. – Front Of Gallery Rand.
Rand Gallery Booth Suly – Rand Gallery 1st Floor.


Ranya “Showroom” Ranya Markets Near Of Rany Mosque.


Soran “Showroom” Soran – Front Of Round About intersection.


Akre “Showroom” Akre – Azadi St. – Near Of Azadi Traffic Light.


Shop Name: Safwan
Address: Erbil – Castle Market – Kotri Salam.
Mobile No: 066 264 1111
E-mail: Safwan.dealer@gmail.com


Shop Name: Duaa
Address: Duhok – Maidan Market, Forty Market For Mobile
Mobile No: 066 268 8888
E-mail: Duaa.ireach@yahoo.com


Shop Name: Tavan
Address Suly – Saraa – Front Of Books Market
Mobile No 0770 211 2233 / 053 320 1766
E-mail Maxcell@gmail.com


Address Sulaymaniyah- Salim St- near to Directorate of Education