About us

In June 2013, “Fastlink” has entered the Kurdish Telecom and Data Market as the first 4G LTE operator in Iraq; and one of the very few 4G LTE operators in the Middle East

A private company owned by national partners, aiming to revolutionize the industry of telecommunications and data services in Kurdistan by introducing state of the art 4G LTE data services into the country
FastLink’s main objective is to become the foremost data provider in Kurdistan through a far sighted policy of investment in adopting cutting edge technology to provide state of the art services to clients

This foresight and courage to endlessly change, mature, inspire the industry, and better serve customers and society, makes Fastlink a pillar of the national economy, directly employing over 500 Kurdish and creating indirect job opportunities for thousands more

Fastlink has established strategic partnerships with some of the leaders and pioneers in the 4G LTE industry in the world to be able to guarantee the highest level of service